I couldn't be more pleased with my first official Sacrology® class at the Mind Body Institute in Nashville.
The following are some comments from evaluations.

1. I love this class!! It was amazing, I learned so much and it helped me also. I look forward to using this in my practice.

2. I really enjoyed having a small class because I felt we got lots of individual attention. I was much more comfortable with what I had learned than with most classes I have taken.

3. All of the information was wonderful and I feel very confident using the Sacro Wedgy® now. Awesome class!

As this class evolves and becomes more organized, it will be THE class to beat.

Hi Cindy: (Comment from student from the World Massage Festival)

Again Thank You so very much for the wonderful class. Your enthusiasm for the wedgy is contagious. Dad (my father-in-law) cannot wait to try it (he is 87) and my Mom in New York is all excited. I will bring her down to Virginia in August.

In Peace, Love & Light
"Live in the moment, fill it with joy, gratitude, and appreciation. "

These are comments from the Hickory, NC class at Chi of Hickory Massage Therapy Clinic - I really enjoyed this class and am so pleased that participants did too. Thanks to Lisa and her hard work helping to organize the class.

Dear Lisa, Cindy, Pam and to whom ever else may read this,

Please allow me to share my delight in Sacrology (Sacro Wedgy). I have been a massage therapist since 1983 (almost 30 years), I was surprised I had never heard of the Sacro Wedgy since it has been around for 20 years, but I am so glad to be aware of it now;
Personally, Professionally and Financially.
Personally, I have been using the SW and my chronic psoas (hipflexor) issue is being re-trained & my posture has improved, in addition to less low back pain from overwork strain. I have enjoyed it on long drives, it helps me keep my low back with the proper curve by supporting my Ischial Tuberosity.
Professionally, in the 3 weeks since I took the Sacrology class I have used the Sacro Wedgy with my clients (with sciatic/piriformis issues, LB pain) & have witnessed great results. I have been able to share with at least 5 clients a week, ranging from elite athletes sitting in a bike saddle for hours to the corporate desk jockies sitting in an office chair hours on end.
We fit them properly with the SW & take them through a stretching routine. We then teach them to do their own stretching routine for use at home on a daily or as needed basis. I am so excited to share with many others.
Financially, it is a way to make a little extra money without having to work so hard.
I hope more massage therapists take advantage of this training & are able to enhance their current practice with this technique & product.

Wishing you all the best,
Sara~ . .

The World Massage Festival was a blast - I enjoyed my class so much. Of course I've enjoyed all of my classes and each brings a great new group of Sacrologists on board. We will soon launch a new part of the Sacro Wedgy website where all therapists that take the class will be listed.

This is really working hard at the class!!  This is TN - going back in Nov.